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At Medical Arts Radiology, we recognize the needs of low-income patients and those without health insurance. As a way of giving back to the community, we’ve created a program for uninsured patients to help them get the radiology services they need.

It is Medical Arts Radiology’s intention that each patient who indicates financial difficulty in paying for his or her health care services is fully and fairly evaluated and offered appropriate financial assistance. It is incumbent on our patients to cooperate with our efforts to validate their financial situation, so that they may receive appropriate financial assistance.

Eligibility Requirements:

A patient is eligible for medically necessary radiological services at no cost if he or she meets the following criteria:

1. Have a referral/prescription from a doctor.

2. Live in Nassau or Suffolk County.

3. Not have health insurance

4. Make less than $40K a year

What Patients Must Provide:

1. Valid form of ID.

2. Referral slip from a doctor.

3. Any proof of being uninsured or unable to pay.

Pay stub documenting less than 20 hours working per week, W2 form showing family income less than $40,000, letter of termination from employer, letter from referring doctor.

Patients not meeting the income criteria will be considered for a Medicaid discount. This provides the patient with the same rates paid by Medicaid to Medical Arts Radiology.


• This program is not for STAT or Emergency Exams

• This policy applies to all radiological services delivered at Medical Arts Facilities.

• This policy does not apply to any professional fees from physicians or other healthcare professionals whose services are not billed by Medical Arts.