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How Ultrasounds Search for Breast Cancer

While most people think of pregnancy when they hear about an “ultrasound,” radiologists think of breast cancer. In fact, ultrasounds are a typical tool in breast cancer identification. Read this blog to learn more!

Can Injuries Cause Cancer?

People with family histories of cancer might fear that frequent injury will lead to tumors. Today’s blog reveals the truth about injuries and cancer.

The Genetic Risks of Different Types of Cancer

Has anyone in your family ever had cancer? You have a high risk of developing the same kind of cancer—learn more about the genetic risk of cancer on our blog.

Why Family History Is So Important When Screening for Breast Cancer

Family history is one of the strongest predictive factors that a woman will develop breast cancer later in life. Learn more on today’s blog.

The Difference Between Breast Ultrasounds & Mammograms

Have you ever wondered why doctors don’t just use ultrasounds instead of mammograms for screening? Today’s Medical Arts Radiology blog talks about why.

How to Help a Friend with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects so many more than just the person who has it — it affects their friends, families, and coworkers.

How Closely are Genetics and Breast Cancer Linked?

Unfortunately, genetics is one of the things you can't control when it comes to breast cancer risk factors.

The 4 Different Types of Breast Biopsy Options

If an abnormal mammogram shows a lump or spot in your breast tissue, the next likely step is that you’ll have it biopsied.

Surprising Things That Can Aid Breast Cancer Treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis has the power to turn a woman’s life completely upside down. It can leave her feeling scared, shocked, and most often, powerless. But in addition to tried and true treatment methods, like chemotherapy and surgery, there are many things a woman can do to improve the effectiveness of her treatment.

All About Pure Mammography - A Division of Medical Arts

Earlier this year, PURE Mammography, a division of Medical Arts Radiology, opened its doors to the world as the first of its kind breast imaging facility.