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9 Healthcare and Safety Items Every Home Needs

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst” — it’s one of the few expressions that could actually save your life one day.

Women's Equality Day - Female Pioneers in Radiology: Part 2

Last year, we brought you some of the most influential women in radiology. But (luckily!) we couldn't cover all of the amazing women in this practice in just one piece. That's why we’re back with more of the most prominent women in radiology, in honor of this weekend's Women’s Equality Day!

When it Comes to Your Health, Happiness is Just as Important as Diet and Exercise

To be in good health, all you need to do is eat right and exercise, right? While we’re certainly not denying that those are essential for good health, there’s one more important thing you need. Yup, we’re talking about happiness! Believe it or not, your overall mood and self-described “level of happiness” plays a major role in your health.

21 Creative Ways to Drink More Water

Whether you try to reach eight glasses a day or “do your own thing,” the truth is that most of us aren’t drinking enough water. And honestly, it’s not because we don’t want to, but because we forget to.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Spine Health

While back problems are all too common, so are the many things you can do to improve your spine health.

Is Any Form of Smoking Safe?

When it was first revealed in the 1950s that smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer, as well as an array of many other health problems, tobacco manufacturers were quick to develop cigarette “alternatives.” Today, you can find find chewing tobacco, herbal cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes in nearly every bodega in the country. But are any of these really a good alternative to smoking? No.

Bone Health: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

By 2020, half of all Americans 50 and older are expected to have osteoporosis — a medical condition in which your bones become brittle and fragile. Though osteoporosis predominantly affects those 50 and older, people are being diagnosed with the condition younger than ever before.

The Science of Sleep: Why You Need 8 Hours

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, eight is the magic number. Studies have shown that people who regularly sleep eight hours are more likely to feel energized throughout the day, have a greater attention span, and better memory. Despite this, the Center for Disease Control reports that one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep.

10 Ways to Boost Your Physical Activity

Today, less than 60 percent of adults are physically active on a regular basis, and 25 percent aren’t active at all. We understand that between work, school, family, and friends, getting to the gym can be hard. After all, the number one reason why people don’t exercise is because they don’t have time. Well, we’re happy to say that even if you can’t make it to a gym, there are still plenty of ways you can increase your physical activity while just going about your normal day.

How Diagnostic Imaging is Identifying These Common Spring Sports Injuries

We all know that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to exercise regularly. To take a little pain out of the grueling task that is exercising, many of us turn to sports. With spring now here, soccer, football, and baseball players (just to name a few) are all eager to hit the field. And though sports most often improve your health, they’re also notoriously known for damaging it. If you experience one of these common sports injuries, these are the diagnostic imaging tests that can help determine its severity.