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The Hidden Benefits of Green Tea, Turmeric, and Broccoli Sprouts

Are you looking for diet tips that will help you prevent cancer? Find out how to fight off cancer through foods in this new blog.

Style Options for Thinning Hair after Chemo

Are you looking for a new style due to hair loss as a result of chemotherapy? Check out this blog to find the best options available to you.

Dealing with the Uncertainty of a 50/50 Prognosis

The 5-year survival rate for some cancers is 50%, so even when patients recover…they don’t feel like they’re out of the woods. Here’s what they’re dealing with.

How to Comfort a Friend Who's Been Diagnosed with Cancer

How do we support a loved one after a cancer diagnosis? Today, Medical Arts Radiology wants to empower us to comfort our loved ones—learn more on our blog!

What Is the Rarest Form of Cancer?

It’s Rare Diseases Day, so we’re discussing highly rare (but still highly treatable) cancers. Visit our blog to learn about the rarest cancer in the world.

Good News: Cancer Rates Continue to Decline

Today, Medical Arts Radiology discusses a report that cancer deaths are declining—good news that can be attributed to good medical practice.

Does Obesity Affect My Cancer Risk?

Obesity is associated with a number of medical conditions, but is it connected to a higher risk of cancer? Today’s blog answers the question!

Why Does the President Need Public Checkups?

While the President’s health has always been vital to the nation, it’s not until recently that his regular checkups became national news. Learn more on our blog!

How Does Diet & Exercise Affect my Cancer Risk?

We know eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is good for us, but does it actually affect our odds of getting cancer? Learn more on today’s blog.

Why We Should Wear Sunscreen Year-Round

If we don’t protect ourselves from the sun’s rays, it will increase our cancer risk—no matter the weather, the cloud cover, or the season. Learn more here.