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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Health

As spring is the season of renewal, there is no time better than now to spring clean your health! See below for some simple tips to get you started:

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Check In!

Making a New Year’s resolution is the fun part, it’s keeping it that’s the hard part. Whether you have lost some motivation, or are part of the other 50% still going strong, here are some goals you can easily set for February to improve your health!

Cancer and the Flu: FAQs

Since cancer patients and cancer survivors are at higher risk of complications from the flu, be sure to take precaution as we enter peek flu season!

7 of the Worst Winter Illnesses

With four months of winter weather still to come, make sure you know how to protect yourself among the seven most popular winter illnesses.

Preparing for Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

The best defense against any disease or illness is early detection. To help you stay organized and on top of your health, read read through this brief checklist before, during and after your next appointment.

Men's Health: 5 Steps to Improve Health

We all know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle but often times our schedules or daily routines knock us off the wagon. With Men’s Health in focus this June, we want to offer 5 simple steps to improve health:

Tips to Safeguard Your Health

Earlier this June, National Cancer Survivors Day shed light on the many ways the over 14.5 million cancer survivors maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you have survived cancer, are currently in treatment or have never been diagnosed, there is a lot to be learned from these survivors. Check out the below tips to help safeguard your health.

National Walking Day - Tips for Heart Health

Once upon a time, walking was merely a mode of transportation - used to get us from point A to point B. There’s been a lot of advances in technology since then and as such, many people now only consider walking or running as forms of exercise. But walking is one of the simplest, positive changes you can make to effectively improve heart health.

Women’s Health: Sitting Too Much Increases Cancer Risk

There is growing evidence that inactivity - specifically sitting - can be dangerous to a woman’s health. In one American Cancer Society study, researchers found that free time spent sitting resulted in an increased cancer risk for women.

New Year’s Resolutions Check In

For those who are still going strong on this year’s resolutions - way to go! For the others, the resolutions you made just two months ago may already be a distant memory. We get it - the first week is easy but old habits die hard. If you’ve fallen off track try some of the below tips to hopefully regain some motivation: