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Dealing with the Uncertainty of a 50/50 Prognosis

The 5-year survival rate for some cancers is 50%, so even when patients recover…they don’t feel like they’re out of the woods. Here’s what they’re dealing with.

What Is the Rarest Form of Cancer?

It’s Rare Diseases Day, so we’re discussing highly rare (but still highly treatable) cancers. Visit our blog to learn about the rarest cancer in the world.

Can Injuries Cause Cancer?

People with family histories of cancer might fear that frequent injury will lead to tumors. Today’s blog reveals the truth about injuries and cancer.

Why Is "Cancer" the Name of the Sign & a Disease?

For patients born between June 20 and July 22, “cancer” isn’t just a disease—it’s their birth sign. But what does astrology have to do with medicine?

How Cancer Works

Our fear of cancer is valid—but it’s better to let our fear be tempered with knowledge about what we’re facing. Learn about cancer on today’s blog.

Where Is Cancer Most Common in the World?

How can one of the happiest countries in the world also have one of the highest cancer rates? Read our blog today to learn more.

What Does Cervical Cancer Feel Like?

Medical Arts Radiology is focusing on cervical health awareness for January. Learn what cervical cancer feels like and how to prevent it!

The Genetic Risks of Different Types of Cancer

Has anyone in your family ever had cancer? You have a high risk of developing the same kind of cancer—learn more about the genetic risk of cancer on our blog.

The Importance of Regular Screening for Cervical Cancer

How often you need to be screened for cervical cancer will depend on the type of test you choose. Learn more on Medical Arts Radiology’s blog today!

Who Is Most At-Risk for Cervical Cancer?

The CDC conducted a massive study to find out who was most likely to receive a cervical cancer diagnosis. Read their surprising findings on our blog.