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World Cancer Day: Raising Awareness

Saturday, February 4th, we celebrate World Cancer Day — a global initiative meant to unite the population in the fight against cancer. This year joins the three year campaign of “We can. I can,” meant to explore how we, as a collective, or us, as individuals, can do our parts in reducing the global burden of cancer.

“Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals, families and communities.” -

So in honor of World Cancer Day, here’s what YOU can do to make a difference:

Make healthy life choices. We’ve said it before and of course we’ll say it again. Everyone can work to decrease cancer risks by choosing healthy lifestyle options, such as: quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and choosing healthy foods and drinks. Even just small changes and substitutions in your daily routines (limiting your intake of processed foods and making an effort to walk more) can make all the difference.

Remember that early detection is key. Not all cancers show warning signs, that’s why early detection is so important. Cancer screenings help detect cancers and pre-cancers early on, when they may be more treatable. We urge you to stay on top of your screenings as survival rates are typically higher when cancer is diagnosed early!

Love and be loved. From the person living with cancer to the family member caring for them — people cope in different ways. It’s important to have a strong emotional support systems with friends, families and partners in order to get through the challenges of cancer and its treatment. No one should enter this fight alone, and remember that support may be needed for years to come.

Help us spread awareness of cancer and join the World Cancer Day initiative. Learn more here!

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