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What Makes Medical Arts Radiology Different?

Considering that there are tons of health care professionals out there, we understand that it can be difficult for patients to make a decision on who they'll use for their medical needs. However, when it comes to radiology services, the answer is rather simple, and it's that you should choose and trust Medical Arts Radiology.

Medical Arts Radiology is owned by our radiologists, who therefore have a personal investment in producing quality images and delivering quality reads and reports. But more than that, we are dedicated to our patients, referring physicians, and community - and here’s the steps we’ve taken to show it.

We cater to all income levels.

We understand that low-income and uninsured patients have medical imaging needs and as such have created a special program with them in mind. Our Art of Giving program caters specifically to patients with financial difficulty and without insurance, ensuring these patients are fully and fairly evaluated and offered appropriate financial assistance to get the radiology services they need.

Plus, throughout the month of October, we offer discounted mammograms to uninsured patients in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since early detection is the best protection, we want to make sure all patients have the equal opportunity to receive these life saving screenings. Uninsured patients can receive a mammogram for $45 and have the additional and optional $50 charge for 3D mammography (both uninsured and insured).

Additionally, Medical Arts Radiology accepts all insurance plans - including Medicare and Medicaid. Patients have the option for flexible payment plans and can pay conveniently online. Speaking of online…

We embrace digital.

In an increasingly connected world, we understand the important of having a digital mindset.That’s why we’ve enhanced out website for our physicians and patients.

Our Physician Portal allows us to share imaging exams with referring physicians through U Lite. This universal program provides instant access to images, reports and visualization tools from any desktop, using almost any browser or operating system.

We’ve also developed a Patient Portal where patients can complete registration and health history forms, update insurance information, demographic data, and more, electronically. Other perks include on-line appointment requests for new and existing patients and bill payment.

At Medical Arts Radiology, we never forget the person behind the scan. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more or contact the imaging center nearest you for more information!

Medical Arts Radiology offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging services including MRI, CT, ultrasound, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, women's imaging, and minimally-invasive needle biopsy. A team of experienced, board-certified and subspecialty trained radiologists, skilled technologists and caring professional staff ensure the best possible patient care experience. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology with nine convenient locations across Long Island.


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