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Caring for Someone with Cancer

Perhaps the only phrase scarier than “you have cancer” is, “your loved one has cancer.” It is normal to feel scared, overwhelmed and unsure of what the future will hold, so if you have recently become the caregiver for someone with cancer, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Can MRIs Determine a Person’s Intelligence?

Could a quick MRI scan of your brain actually tell how smart you are? While it isn’t possible just yet, scientists believe it could be in the near future.

Women’s Health: Breast Cancer Imaging Services

At Medical Arts Radiology, we provide comprehensive, individualized breast cancer screening services in designated women’s imaging centers within our facilities. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and private atmosphere, designed to make all women feel comfortable and safe. We understand that this is a stressful and emotional time for women, which is why we try to provide patients with same day results after a breast exam.

Do I Need a CT After My Head Trauma?

You get a cut on your arm and have it treated with bandages or maybe even stitches, but what about injuries that you can’t see, such as head trauma? Concussions are difficult to diagnose because there are no visible signs of the injury and people often attribute their symptoms, like having a headache, to a stressful day at work.

4 Most Common Thyroid Disorders

Men and women know to check themselves for cancerous lumps or dark spots on their skin, but what about lumps you can’t see or feel?

Do You Know Your Skin Care ABCDE’s?

Melanoma is the most dangerous and aggressive form of skin cancer, accounting for 10,000 of the 13,000 deaths from skin cancer every year. Melanoma can form in existing moles, or cause new ones to appear. Early detection is key, so be sure to schedule yearly checkups or consult your physician immediately if you notice any of these changes in your moles, birthmarks or freckles.

Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill to Expand Breast Cancer Screening

On June 28, 2016, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to increase women’s access to breast cancer screenings. In a prepared statement, Cuomo called this, the “most aggressive plan in the nation to increase awareness about this disease and expand access to lifesaving resources and services.”