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World Stroke Day 2015

Every four minutes, stroke claims a life. Stroke is the No. 5 killer of Americans and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Today is World Stroke Day and we want to help in raising awareness about this disease.

News On ACS Guidelines: Continue to Start Mammograms at Age 40

The American Cancer Society released new breast cancer screening guidelines for women at average risk. Their guidelines reaffirm that mammography screening saves lives. In order to save the most lives possible we along with the American College of Radiology continue to recommend women get an annual mammogram starting at 40.

Steps to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

While certain breast cancer risk factors can’t be changed - like having a family history of the disease or being a woman - there are some protective steps you can take to reduce your risk as much as possible. In a word: lifestyle.

Abnormal Mammogram - Now What?

Sometimes, after a routine mammogram, doctors may find something suspicious and request the patient come back for new pictures or for further testing. Receiving this call can certainly be unsettling, but just because this is happening to you doesn’t necessarily mean you have breast cancer.

Medical Arts Radiology is Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Please join us (MARG Cares) in our efforts to raise money for breast cancer awareness!

Bethpage’s Best of LI 2016 Competition - Vote For Us!

Medical Arts Radiology has been nominated for the 11th Annual Bethpage Best of LI competition as the best MRI/Radiology center on Long Island - but we need YOUR help to win!

Early Detection Saves Lives, Study Confirms

When it comes to treating breast cancer, early detection is and always will be a huge factor for a woman’s chances in surviving, regardless of all the strides that have been made in breast cancer treatments.