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Birth Control Linked To Brain Cancer - Should You Be Worried?

A new study, published in the British Medical Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, suggests the risk for developing a rare form of brain cancer known as glioma appears to increase(in some events double) with long-term use of hormonal contraceptives like the Pill. In the study of 2,500 Danish women between the ages of 15 and 19, researchers found 317 had glioma, among whom nearly 60% had used a contraceptive at some point. So should you be worried?

Potential Game Changer in Cancer Treatment: Proton Therapy

As we know, treatment of cancer is still an inexact science. While traditional treatments, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can be effective, they are draining to the patient and destroy healthy tissue. Yet in Belgium, a potential game changer is on the horizon. One company is pioneering a new therapy, proton therapy. This very precise and minimal side effect method works to target cancers with proton radiation.

Heart Attack Warning Signs for Women

While men and women are both susceptible to heart attacks, the warning signs for women are a bit different. Here are some symptoms every woman should know.

Mammograms: A Resolution To Save Your Life

The most popular and widespread resolutions for the New Year have to do with health. A new you, a better you, a healthier you. You vow to increase exercise, spend more time with loved ones, or make room in your schedule for relaxation. But what about preventative measures? At Medical Arts Radiology, we believe that more actions like this should be taken for a healthier future you- actions that could save your life.

#WellnessWednesday - Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Research has found that many people ignore symptoms or often underestimate their severity. sites a study conducted in London, where researchers found that less than 60% of people who'd experienced cancer causing symptoms in the previous 3 months had visited a doctor. And nearly all of them did not consider cancer as a possible reason. These symptoms included unexplained weight-loss or mole disfiguration - both of which should always be looked at immediately. This study makes it clear that opportunities for diagnosing cancer in its earliest stages are being missed. While not all cancer is the same, and signs and symptoms do vary, the below are a few symptoms that if persist - shouldn't be ignored:

High School Football Players Exhibit Brain Changes After Only One Season

In last month’s annual RSNA meeting, a new study has found that even in the absence of a concussion, some high school football players may exhibit measurable impact-related brain changes over the course of a single season. It remains unclear whether or not these changes will be associated with any negative long-term consequences.

NEW LOCATION: East Setauket

Medical Arts Radiology announces the opening of the newest Outpatient Imaging Center in East Setauket, New York. The Imaging Center is conveniently located at 23 Technology Drive in the Stony Brook Technology Center and offers a full range of diagnostic services including 3T MRI, low dose CT, ultrasound, digital radiology, a dedicated Women’s Center including 3D Mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI, minimally-invasive biopsy, and bone density exams.