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Style Options for Thinning Hair after Chemo

Are you looking for a new style due to hair loss as a result of chemotherapy? Check out this blog to find the best options available to you.

Does Obesity Affect My Cancer Risk?

Obesity is associated with a number of medical conditions, but is it connected to a higher risk of cancer? Today’s blog answers the question!

Why Does the President Need Public Checkups?

While the President’s health has always been vital to the nation, it’s not until recently that his regular checkups became national news. Learn more on our blog!

How Does Diet & Exercise Affect my Cancer Risk?

We know eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is good for us, but does it actually affect our odds of getting cancer? Learn more on today’s blog.

Why We Should Wear Sunscreen Year-Round

If we don’t protect ourselves from the sun’s rays, it will increase our cancer risk—no matter the weather, the cloud cover, or the season. Learn more here.

Why Is "Cancer" the Name of the Sign & a Disease?

For patients born between June 20 and July 22, “cancer” isn’t just a disease—it’s their birth sign. But what does astrology have to do with medicine?

The Surprising Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Health

Cold weather doesn’t just change the air or the trees—it affects your energy, muscles, and overall health. Learn how on today’s Medical Arts Radiology blog.

8 Tips for Making a Successful New Year’s Resolution

Making lasting changes to our habits or routine takes more than willpower. It takes planning. Learn more on the Medical Arts Radiology blog.

What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is the next generation of advanced medical imaging—but how exactly does it work? Is it any different from an MRI? Learn more on today’s blog.

7 Things You Should Never Lie to Your Radiologist About

Patients lie to doctors out of shame or embarrassment, but we just want to help you. Learn why you need to be as honest as possible in today’s blog.