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The Importance of Regular Screening for Cervical Cancer

How often you need to be screened for cervical cancer will depend on the type of test you choose. Learn more on Medical Arts Radiology’s blog today!

Who Is Most At-Risk for Cervical Cancer?

The CDC conducted a massive study to find out who was most likely to receive a cervical cancer diagnosis. Read their surprising findings on our blog.

What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancers is one of the cancers with little to no early warning signs. Learn what you’re looking for and when to start getting screened.

Understanding the 4 Stages of Cancer

Cancer staging is an important step in deciding on treatment. Learn why doctors use stages, and what each cancer stage actually means for a patient.

Pros and Cons of The Most Common Cancer Treatments

Even today, in 2017, we ask ourselves the same question surgeons in the early 1800s asked: “How do we cure cancer?”

A Patient's Guide to Cancer Terminology

In order to make the most informed decisions about your or a loved one’s care, it’s important to understand the “language of cancer.”

The Strange Ways Excess Sugar is Affecting Your Body

As with most other foods, the secret to good health is balance. A few pieces of candy here-and-there won’t harm your body, but a diet high in sugar can have dangerous effects on your health.

21 Ways to Stay Positive After a Cancer Diagnosis

In honor of positive thinking day, we’re sharing a few tips from cancer survivors and caretakers on ways to stay positive while fighting cancer.

9 Quotes About Cancer That Will Inspire You

If you know someone battling cancer, pass along some of these famous and inspiring quotes.

The Difference Between Youth and Adult Cancers

Cancer is a disease that’s caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. Though anyone can develop the disease, certain cancers are more common in children than adults, and vice-versa.