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The Invisible Symptoms of a Concussion

Concussions aren’t just dangerous because they impact the most complex and arguably necessary organ in your body. They’re dangerous because they often present with very few (if any) symptoms.

21 Ways to Stay Positive After a Cancer Diagnosis

In honor of positive thinking day, we’re sharing a few tips from cancer survivors and caretakers on ways to stay positive while fighting cancer.

It's True, an Athlete's Own Blood Can Cure Them

Researchers have discovered that with a little assistance from a needle and centrifuge, your body has the power to heal itself faster than ever before. That’s right, we’re talking about platelet-rich plasma therapy.

What's the Difference Between an X-ray, MRI and a CT Scan?

We’re setting the record straight by breaking down the three most popular imaging techniques used today — an x-ray, CT scan, and an MRI.

MAR is Partnering with Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Sports and Entertainment

In creating “The Real Deal Medical,” Real Deal fighters will now have access to the finest MRI and brain imaging technology on the market today, something we hope will revolutionize the way we identify and treat brain injuries.

Do Men and Women Experience Concussions Differently?

Differences between the male and female brain are surprisingly minimal. So could your sex affect how your brain responds to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), like concussions? For years, scientists believed the answer was no, but recent research is beginning to suggest otherwise.

Women's Equality Day - Female Pioneers in Radiology: Part 2

Last year, we brought you some of the most influential women in radiology. But (luckily!) we couldn't cover all of the amazing women in this practice in just one piece. That's why we’re back with more of the most prominent women in radiology, in honor of this weekend's Women’s Equality Day!

9 Quotes About Cancer That Will Inspire You

If you know someone battling cancer, pass along some of these famous and inspiring quotes.

8 Tips to Help Someone With Claustrophobia Get Through an MRI

Whether you have been diagnosed with claustrophobia or are just a little nervous about your upcoming MRI scan, here are a few things that may help you get through an MRI successfully.

The Unusual Signs of Advanced Lung Cancer

Because lung cancer typically presents without any symptoms, it’s incredibly difficult to catch in the early stages without a screening. In fact, many stage one lung cancers are found after a patient requests a chest x-ray for other, unrelated reasons.