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Who Is Most At-Risk for Cervical Cancer?

The CDC conducted a massive study to find out who was most likely to receive a cervical cancer diagnosis. Read their surprising findings on our blog.

What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancers is one of the cancers with little to no early warning signs. Learn what you’re looking for and when to start getting screened.

The Surprising Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Health

Cold weather doesn’t just change the air or the trees—it affects your energy, muscles, and overall health. Learn how on today’s Medical Arts Radiology blog.

8 Tips for Making a Successful New Year’s Resolution

Making lasting changes to our habits or routine takes more than willpower. It takes planning. Learn more on the Medical Arts Radiology blog.

What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is the next generation of advanced medical imaging—but how exactly does it work? Is it any different from an MRI? Learn more on today’s blog.

Why Family History Is So Important When Screening for Breast Cancer

Family history is one of the strongest predictive factors that a woman will develop breast cancer later in life. Learn more on today’s blog.

The Difference Between Breast Ultrasounds & Mammograms

Have you ever wondered why doctors don’t just use ultrasounds instead of mammograms for screening? Today’s Medical Arts Radiology blog talks about why.

7 Things You Should Never Lie to Your Radiologist About

Patients lie to doctors out of shame or embarrassment, but we just want to help you. Learn why you need to be as honest as possible in today’s blog.

Understanding the 4 Stages of Cancer

Cancer staging is an important step in deciding on treatment. Learn why doctors use stages, and what each cancer stage actually means for a patient.

4 NY Winter Activities for Kids & Families

If your family is looking to get out of the house or apartment this winter, check out our list of “cures” for cabin fever. Includes both indoor and outdoor fun!